Pipeline burial and retrieval can be a difficult and time-consuming process. There are all sorts of variables that contribute to how difficult the job is. By knowing more about what to expect, it will be easier for you to plan accordingly. Much of it is also based on the company you work with to get the job done.

The Time it Takes

All sorts of details should be explored with pipeline burial and retrieval. One of the most important aspects is the time that it’s going to take. From the time you schedule the burial or retrieval to the time it is done, you need to know the timeframe. This will allow you to schedule accordingly – and ensure that the company is able to get it done in a timely fashion.

Companies that specialize in pipeline burial and retrieval will know what kind of equipment is needed, how to complete the setup, and get you scheduled. This should be within days of scheduling.

From there, the time it takes could be measured in hours or days based on how deep the water is, the size of the pipeline, and how much of it there is.

You should be able to get a time estimate from the company that you choose to work with on the project. It will make it easier for you to plan the other aspects of your operations. While they won’t be able to get it down to the minute, they should be able to give you a rough estimate to work with.

The Costs

The costs should be known from the very beginning. There’s nothing more frustrating than finding out that there are hidden fees and additional invoices to be paid. When you ask for a cost estimate, in many instances it will be an estimate. The reason for this is because it might cost more if there is a need to go deeper than anticipated or any of the other variables change for whatever reason.

It’s a good idea to get cost estimates from at least a few different dredging companies. This will make it easier to determine who has the best deal and who is the most capable of handling a pipeline burial and/or retrieval.

What a Third-Party will Do

The third party is going to take care of all aspects of the pipeline burial and retrieval. Once you provide them with the details, they will get you scheduled. Part of this involves determining the rig that is needed to get the job done, complete with what equipment will be used.

Depending on what needs to be done, the third party will customize a rig. This will ensure the job is done in a timely fashion. Otherwise, it might be difficult to get everything done because of having to go back and re-do things – or work on new ways to approach the problem.

The best thing you can do is hire a company that has experience with pipeline burial and retrieval so you can be confident in their capabilities.