Your business needs to have a plan as it pertains to coal ash dredging. There are several things you need to know when you schedule the service. By learning more about how to schedule, you can make sure that your operations are never affected based on the condition of your industrial settling pond.

Identify the Amount of Ash

The amount of ash that is being generated needs to be identified. Whether you have a small amount or a large amount, it is still a quantity that will eventually need to be dredged from the pond. If you’re only depositing small amounts at a time, you can probably reduce the frequency of your dredging schedule.

On the other hand, if you have large amounts, you need to ensure that a dredging company is scheduled regularly. Otherwise, you are going to get into a situation where you won’t have the settling pond that you think you do – and this can cause major operational problems.

You should be able to conduct analysis to determine how much ash is produced within your operations. Once you have this number, you can work to determine the best possible schedule.

Determine the Size of Your Pond

How large is your settling pond? This includes both the area as well as the depth of the pond. All of this will go into determining how much ash can go into the pond before it needs to be dredged. One of the benefits to larger ponds is that you can go longer in between the dredges. However, some of the larger settling ponds can also be expensive because of the equipment needed to get to the bottom of the pond.

If you’re still in the process of building a settling pond, it’s a good idea to consult with a dredging company. They can guide you towards the best-sized pond based on how you want to schedule the services to take care of the various issues.

Get a Professional Opinion

If you have had your operations in place for one year and you were just noticing that it’s time for the coal ash to be dredged, then it’s probably easy to assume that you need to schedule the dredging on an annual basis. However, if you have had problems with ash settling in the past or you just don’t know when judging should be scheduled, it’s best to get a professional opinion.

A dredging company should be able to identify a good schedule for you based on the amount of ash, the amount of dredging material, as well as the size of your pond. Larger operations will need dredging scheduled more frequently simply because of the amount of coal ash settling into the pond.