Geotube: Tube Filling

Location: Wallops Island, Virginia

Client Request: Provide equipment and support to fill 4600 linear feet of Geotube units 34-feet in circumference to 6′ high for coastal protection of NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility. This coastal area was damaged by Hurricane Ernesto in 2006 and posed a threat to NASA’s adjacent launch pad.

Our Solution: Utilize the DP-75 (8″) dredge system to pump the slurry created in two makeshift pits by mixing sand, brought in from off-site, with water pumped from both the ocean and the river esctuary. The resulting 10% slurry would then be pumped in the tube’s fill ports at an average of 1,200 gallons per minute using a header system that branched out into multiple lines. With the position of the two slurry pits, the slurry mix would have to be pumped 200-2,500 feet.

Job Status: Successfully Completed

Project Photos
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  • Geotube Filling

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