Deepwater Excavation: 4700′

Location: Offshore Gulf of Mexico

Client Request: Design and fabricate a dredging system to remove mud inside of 7′ diameter anchor piles used for mooring a Tension Leg Platform (TLP) in 4700′ of water located 150 miles offshore in the Gulf of Mexico.

Our Solution: Modify a standard Javeler hydraulic submersible dredge pump with acculmulators for pressure equilization at 4700′. Javeler then designed and fabricated an independent support structure that would be postioned then seated on top of the anchor pile. A hydraulic winch secured to the support structure would be utilized to lower the dredge pump 20′ into the pile. Also secured to the structure was a hydrualic jet pump which provided high pressure water flow to assist the dredge pump with cleaning the interior walls of the pile. All equipment was powered hydraulically with an ROV.

Job Status: Successfully Completed

Project Photos
  • Deepwater Excavation – 4700′


    Deepwater Excavation - 4700'


    Deepwater Excavation - 4700'


    Deepwater Excavation - 4700'


    Deepwater Excavation - 4700'