The Importance of Deepwater Dredging

September 11th, 2017 by Javeler Marine Services

Deepwater Dredging

Deepwater Dredging has a number of benefits. It’s important to conduct periodically to ensure that your operations run smoothly. Regardless of whether you are trying to fix a problem or conduct basic maintenance, you will want to work with a professional dredging company.

There are a lot of things in deep waters. Some of these things may affect machinery as well as operations that you were doing down there. By taking advantage of Deepwater dredging from time to time, you make the water more conducive to getting the job done.

What is Deepwater Dredging?

The simplest way to explain deepwater dredging is that it’s a form of excavation performed in deep water/ Whenever there is any kind of digging and channeling needed, either to remove or repair, then this kind of mining project is requested.

There are a lot of specialized rigs that are used to perform the job. It’s why most companies choose to work with a specialty company as opposed to trying to do it on their own.

What is the reason for deep water dredging?

The reason for deep water dredging can vary. One common reason is for mud to be removed inside of anchor piles. If there is any kind of dock or mooring that depends on the piles, the mud will need to be removed to ensure overall stability.

In this case, a submersible dredge pump is used along with accumulators to get into the deep water. The pump is then lowered to the pile so that the dredging pump can do all of the work and clean the interior walls.

Other reasons for deep water dredging is to get rid of mud or other materials from a structure. Often, mud and other materials accumulate where it doesn’t belong. Due to being located in deep waters that range from hundreds to thousands of feet below the surface, dredging is the only way to solve the problem. It also involves a custom build to ensure that the pumps are capable of getting the job done.

When is dredging scheduled?

When it comes to deep water dredging, it is often based upon specific requirements of the location. If an inspection occurs and it is noted that there is mud inside of a piling, then the deep water dredging needs to be scheduled right away. The longer you wait to schedule the service, the more problems you could run into. It is the same if there is a massive mudslide on top of a structure.

It’s hard to see what’s going on when you’re dealing with deep water setups. It’s why the pumps will be paired with sonar and live feed cameras. It ensures the operators can see what is going on in order to fix the problem that is going on.

All in all, deep water dredging is of the utmost importance. While it’s not a requirement for all offshore rigs, it is a common service that needs to be dealt with in some instances. It’s a matter of finding a company that can provide the right rigs to get the job done right.