“Providing Innovative Dredging Solutions for over 40 years”

Javeler was founded in 1968, primarily operating in the Southeast region of the USA as an excavation construction company. Throughout the late 1960s and into the early 1980s, Javeler utilized large draglines for excavation projects in Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas. In 1983, Javeler became the first company in the USA to incorporate the TOYO submersible dredge pump in commercial dredging. The TOYO pump was used by Javeler to construct Island Moorings, a marina and waterfront residential development near Port Aransas, Texas on Padre Island. The success at Island Moorings as well as Padre Isles and Pelican Cove sparked instant growth, as Javeler remained determined to prove the effectiveness of utilizing a dredge pump with such versatility and cost saving portability. Javeler would soon introduce this revolutionary form of dredging to engineering firms, contractors, private land owners, and government officials who sought economical solutions for harbor/dock dredging, hazardous waste removal, wetland restoration, marsh creation, cofferdam excavation, and many other forms of environmental dredging and remediation.
image descriptionOur proven track record in the commercial construction and civil sectors later led our expansion of services into the Gulf of Mexico in 2005. We began providing full service subsea excavation solutions to oil and gas operators, dive contractors, marine salvage and offshore construction contractors. To this day, these services include (but are not limited to) the following: excavation for platform abandonment, plug and abandonment, pipeline trenching (burial and retrieval), marine salvage, internal/external pile excavation, and jack-up rig leg recovery.   Javeler is equipped with many years of experience, an extensive fleet of electric and hydraulic powered submersible dredge pumps, marine dredging equipment, and most importantly a team of innovative experts. Team Javeler welcomes the opportunity to provide you with an environmentally safe and effective dredging solution coupled with world-class customer service anytime you need.