Submersible Dredge Pump Fleet

Javeler Marine Services is a specialized dredging company that utilizes various size dredge pumps for rental and complete services. Our fleet of 37 dredge pumps range from 4” to 16” with the production of up to 600 cubic yards per hour. Our pumps can get into many smaller areas that cutter head dredges, draglines, and clamshell buckets cannot access and still excavate high volumes of dredged material. Javeler Marine Services dredging systems are compact that are capable of moving large volumes of material while maintaining the advantage of a controlled discharge. We specialized in excavating within coffer dams, pipeline work, trenching, internal pile cleaning, offloading of hopper barges, offshore dredging, platform abandonment, jack-up leg recovery, hurricane restoration, well-site excavation, P&A excavation, salvage/heavy lift, decommissioning, and utilizing nonabrasive means to excavate near docks and marine structures. We can modify our dredge pumps for any job specific excavations that our clients may need.
JAVELER TO-400 16″ Hydraulic Dredge Pump Horsepower: 400Capacity: 8,000 GPM @ 150′ TDHPump Weight: 18,000 lbs. Hydraulic Dredge Pump 400
JAVELER TO-150 10″ Hydraulic Dredge Pump Horsepower: 150Capacity: 3,200 GPM @ 150′ TDHPump Weight: 8,000 lbs. Hydraulic Dredge Pump 220
JAVELER DP-150 10” Electric Dredge Pump Horsepower: 150Capacity: 3,200 GPM @ 72′ TDHPump Weight: 8,000 lbs. Electric Dredge Pump
JAVELER TO-75 8” Hydraulic Dredge Pump Horsepower: 75Capacity: 2,500 GPM @ 170′ TDHPump Weight: 2,500 lbs. Hydraulic Dredge Pump
JAVELER DP-75 8” Electric Dredge Pump Horsepower: 75Capacity: 1,600 GPM @ 96′ TDHPump Weight: 2,500 lbs. Electric Dredge Pump
JAVELER JTO-8180 4″ Internal Pile Excavator Horsepower: 50Capacity: 450 GPM @ 130′ TDHTool Weight: 8,000 lbs. Internal Pile Excavator
JAVELER DP-20 4″ Electric Dredge Pump Horsepower: 20Capacity: 450 GPM @ 58′ TDHTool Weight: 1,250 lbs. Electric Dredge Pump
JAVELER TO-15 4″ Hydraulic Dredge Pump Horsepower: 15Capacity: 450 GPM @ 58′ TDHTool Weight: 1,250 lbs. Hydraulic Dredge Pump
Javeler Advanced Water-Jetting System “JAWS” 6″ Hydraulic Dredge Pump Horsepower: 150Capacity: 3000 GPM Hydraulic Dredge Pump