Project Details

Location: San Diego Bay, CA

Client: Manson Construction

Ultimate Client: United States Navy / BAE Systems Ship Repair

Project Description: BAE System Ship Repair of San Diego, Ca was contracted by the USA Navy to install the largest Dry Dock Facility in the United Sates for maintaining the Navy’s larger ships that are docked in the Port of San Diego. BAE Systems Ship Repair subcontracted Manson Construction to mechanically remove 200,000 cubic yards of material to reach the total dockside water depth of -80 feet MLT. Of the 200,000 cubic yards, 80,000 cubic yards were to be transported by tug and hopper barge to an offloading site where Javeler Marine Services TO400 submersible dredge pump successfully off loaded over 80 barges pumping the material over 3,700’ to the disposal site. The soils pumped by Javeler Marine Services were for beneficial use in the preservation of an area highly habited by sea turtles in San Diego Bay. The soils were to be evenly spread throughout 117 cells with an elevation variation of only 8 inches throughout the entire preservation area while maintaining very low turbidity levels.

Project Status: Successfully Completed