About Us


To provide solutions that benefit our customers and families through a quality of service that is incomparable.


To receive a positive acknowledgment from our customers and to become their primary service provider.


“A Half-Century of Innovative Dredging Equipment & Service Excellence”

Strategically based near Louisiana’s Gulf Coast, Javeler Marine Services, LLC is a specialized dredging service company that has been moving the earth and delivering worldwide dredging equipment and service expertise since 1968. With extensive in-house engineering and fabrication capabilities, Javeler is able to modify submersible dredge pumps and provide custom design solutions to suit your dredging, excavation, jetting, and pipeline trenching needs. Javeler offers safe, reasonably priced, environmentally responsible services in subsea dredging, excavation, mitigation, and coastal restoration. image description Highlights of our dredging products and services include:
  • Cofferdam dredge pumps
  • Pipeline excavation dredge pumps
  • Environmental dredge pumps
  • Marine salvage dredge pumps
  • Barge offloading dredge pump
  • Internal pile excavation and dredging
  • Paper pulp dredging
  • Industrial pond dredging
  • Maintenance dredging
  • Oil & gas decommissioning dredging

24 Hour Support:

Javeler is committed to providing exceptional customer service for your dredging equipment and operations, through an experienced and knowledgeable team that welcomes the opportunity to assist you 24 hours a day. Our centrally located operations headquarters in Delcambre, Louisiana enables quick response to the entire Gulf Coast, with a global reach extending to:
  • The Bahamas
  • Jamaica
  • Mexico
  • North Sea
  • Beaufort Sea
  • Pacific Ocean
  • Atlantic Ocean

Field Personnel:

Our skilled team of qualified field technicians delivers expertise in tool and equipment layout, dredging support, equipment maintenance/repair, and daily reporting to ensure optimal productivity and—most importantly—a safe environment for all of your dredging, excavation, and trenching operations. Every Javeler field technician is TWIC, SafeGulf, HUET, CPR, and Rigging certified.