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  • New at Javeler “Jaws” – JMS is in the final stages of releasing their New “Javeler Advance Water-Jetting System”. This system is designed to cut hard subsurface material without the use of any mechanical means as in a blades or tines. The proto type has been offshore tested and approved by the contracting Engineering firm. More great new as new move forward.
  • Javeler has successfully completed a two Month Project w/Orion Dredging in the Houston Ship Channel unloading Hopper Barges with a DP-150 Submersible Dredge Pump, Material was pumped to the East West Jones Disposal Facility.
  • Completed a project in Albany, NY utilizing a TO-75 Submersible Dredge Pump. The scope of work was to temporary replace the mixing system in a large 50,000 gal cement vat in helping the material to remain solidified.
  • Completed a 200K cubic yard dockside dredging project in Corpus Christi, Tx for the incoming Chevron Big Foot Platform.